A New Approach to Design+Build in Edwardsville

Lantz Homes & Remodels Partner with Local Designers
to Streamline Your Project

When many home and business owners take on a new building or remodeling project, they’re often forced to play middleman between their contractor and their interior designer. Unfortunately, this lack of communication between teams can often result in missed deadlines, skyrocketing budgets, and disappointed clients.

Lantz Homes & Remodels is striving to erase the confusion and frustration of the traditional design-build process by partnering with custom home design firms in Edwardsville. By working side-by-side with you from project conception to completion, we can deliver the highest-quality results while ensuring your design plan stays on budget.

Guest bedroom remodel and design
Stone fireplace remodel

“When contractors and interior designers are on the same page from day one and stay in constant communication, we can proactively address issues before they arise, problem-solve on the spot, and eliminate expensive surprises. It’s more efficient and affordable for a busy client who wants to see their project come to life rather than micromanage it.” – Stephane Lantz

Our Innovation Design/Build Process

Outline Your Interests, Objectives, and Requirements

Lantz and their design partner will meet with you to discover the features and amenities you imagine for your custom home or renovation project. Need a gourmet kitchen that fits your flair for entertaining? Want the ultimate home theater where you can catch the Cards and Blues on the big screen? When we know what you’re most passionate about, we can determine the best path to take.

Capture Your Ideas and Our Recommendations in 3D

Once Lantz has a blueprint draft in place, the designer will incorporate their design ideas and translate everything into a 3D environment. This allows us to welcome you virtually into your home-to-be so we can suggest materials, finishes, and furnishings that match your lifestyle and aesthetics. These realistic renderings provide direction for both partners as we move forward with your project and hold each other accountable.

Owners of Lantz Homes showing your new build in a 3D model
Gold accent bathroom remodel

Crunch the Numbers

Even when it comes to a luxury or custom home build, you’re still watching every dollar you spend. Together, Lantz and their design partner will itemize each detail in your design estimate to ensure the final proposal matches perfectly with your specific budget. In addition, we plan accordingly for the unexpected to keep surprise costs from stealing dollars away from the features you want most.

Coordinate the Purchase and Feasibility Consultation

Every construction site comes with its own limitations, which may require modifications to your home design. Once you sign a pre-construction agreement, we’ll meet with you at your lot for a thorough site inspection. In addition, we’ll survey and study all aspects of your chosen property, including utility availability, surrounding terrain, and if necessary, Homeowners Association guidelines, to avoid or eliminate any issues that could affect the integrity of your home today and in the future.

Measuring a kitchen remodel
Workers working on a new home in St. Louis, Missouri

Land on the Final Specifications and Selections

Now’s when the fun really begins! Our experts will help you select all the finishing touches that truly make your house a home, from siding and shutters to cabinets and countertops that suit your unique taste and your specific budget. Once your project is approved, we can head into the final step of the process.

Launch Your Construction

For any homeowner, the groundbreaking is the true kickoff to your build or renovation. Lantz eases your anxiety by keeping everyone in the loop at every stage of your project. We’ll inform you on the status of each step as well as update you about any issues or delays the moment they pop up and provide solutions to ensure your project stays on track.

Let’s Build Your Vision Together

Renovating or building a custom home or business should be a fun and rewarding experience – we really want our clients to enjoy the process from beginning to end. With some projects, clients may never meet with the contractor until it’s time to pay the bill. That’s not how we want to do business. Both Lantz and Whitetail are just as excited as our clients to watch their dreams evolve into the living or work space they’ve always imagined.

Learn more about building your design team by contacting Lantz Homes & Remodels in Edwardsville today.

tables and chairs in a living room
wide view of a modern kitchen
man repairing a wall with an angle grinder
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